Dark Days at Del Mar: What To Do

We all know the real week during summer in San Diego: Wednesday through Sunday, when Del Mar is in session. What do you do on those two unfortunate days per week when the ponies aren’t racing? Fret not, you are in San Diego, after all! Here are some of our ... [Continue Reading]

Cinnamon Roll Sandwich - Sea & Smoke

Breakfast of Champions

Look, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about enjoying a full day at Del Mar, it’s that you’ve got to fuel up ahead of time. Well I have learned lots of other things about Del Mar, but they’re not particularly relevant to this post, so...let’s stay on ... [Continue Reading]

San Diego Beer Fest - Del Mar

Eat and Drink to Your Heart’s Content at Del Mar

Besides the ponies, Del Mar is known for putting together a badass lineup of concerts and events for its seven-week meet. Coming down the pipeline are several events you and your tastebuds should plan on attending: San Diego Beer Fest – Saturday, July 26 – ... [Continue Reading]

Sweet Mimi's Breakfast

Breakfast Spots to Try in Saratoga

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and in this case, it is. When you’re spending a long day at the races in Saratoga, you need some fuel to start your day off right. That’s why ... [Continue Reading]

You Should See This!

Outdoor Dining-Saratoga

What’s New In Saratoga?

The streets of Saratoga Springs are bustling with energy, with both locals and visitors enjoying the beautiful weather and preparing for opening day at Saratoga Race Course on Friday, July 18!  For some, it’s easy to keep track of what’s been happening off-season in Saratoga, but for many others, especially seasonal visitors, you never know… Continue Reading

New North County Dining Hotspots

The San Diego area food scene is always changing, and many coffee shops, bars and eateries have opened since last Opening Day. Let us break it down for you: CUCINA enoteca (Del Mar) The big sister to San Diego’s beloved (and always busy) CUCINA urbana, CUCINA enoteca opened last summer and has been jumping ever… Continue Reading

In The Know

College Day Saratoga

College Day at Saratoga Race Course

Friday was the 6th Annual College Day at Saratoga Race Course! Students as well as alumni of various colleges celebrated their education and their alma maters, wearing their school colors & school gear and hung out with old friends enjoying Summer, ... [Continue Reading]


And The Summer Party Begins…

There’s nothing like opening day at Del Mar! The Summer Racing Scene meets Summer Vacation at the legendary track “where the turf meets the surf.” Racing fans & revelers look forward to it, buzz about it all year. They crowd buses, planes and ... [Continue Reading]

bands on every corner

Tip Your Hats to Hats Off Saratoga

While opening day is over, many are still recovering from the fun of opening day parties and festivities last night. Not only were there huge crowds at some of Saratoga’s most famous bars for track after-parties, there was the ever so popular Hat’s Off to ... [Continue Reading]

Saratoga Opens

And They’re Off at Saratoga Race Course!

  The 2014 summer racing season in Saratoga has officially begun, as today the Saratoga Race Course is packed with folks from all over the world, excited to place their bets and watch as some of the greatest horses make history during another wonderful ... [Continue Reading]