Kentucky Derby – Let the Parties Begin!

Saratoga Derby Parties

Derby Parties – Saratoga

The weather is finally starting to warm up in Upstate NY, which means a few things – Spring has officially sprung, we can start packing up our winter coats, and the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner. Living in Saratoga Springs, this city is completely fixated on horse racing, and the biggest race of… Continue Reading

Tailgating at Keeneland

Last Call for Keeneland
By Jessica Lee

Just a short, scenic  drive from Louisville to Lexington through the heart of horse country, Keeneland always promises a fun-filled day of excitement.  If you haven’t been, there’s still time and some special events before the last call on Friday.   Dress to impress and get ready to sip on delicious bourbon cocktails — it… Continue Reading

Brunch at El Camino

For a relaxed Derby Sunday brunch, trot to these restaurants
By Steve Coomes

It’s Derby Sunday and you’re hungry. Even if you behaved and left the streets to hit the sheets at a decent hour, you’re still beat. You’ve had it with sundresses, hats and heels, bowties, blazers and button-down shirts. You’re thinking, “If we can’t go somewhere where I can eat in jeans and a pullover shirt,… Continue Reading

Get Ready!

Fourth Street Live

The Derby Delivers Music

The Derby delivers music galore with a wide variety of musical entertainment from Country to Hip Hop, Oldies and Gospel to Jazz and pretty much everything in between. The Kentucky Derby Festival  alone features over twenty-five mostly free concerts at the Chow Wagon on the Miller Lite Music Stage and wraps it up with Waterfront… Continue Reading

Kentucky Derby Trophies

Derby Betting Tips for Dummies
By Michael Dempsey

There is a good reason they call the Kentucky Derby the “two most exciting minutes in sports.” At how many other major sporting events can you leave with more money than you came with? There are literally tens of thousands of races each year, but none offer the excitement of the Run for the Roses…. Continue Reading

In The Know

Barnstable-Brown Gala

Gala Season is Here!

The world knows the Kentucky Derby as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” An iconic event that has been running for 140 consecutive years now, the Derby brings to mind silver julep cups, garlands of red roses, and big hats sheltering some of the ... [Continue Reading]

Wide Brim Hat

The Kentucky Derby Hat: Tips and Trends for 2014
by Tori Summers and Elizabeth Jenkins

So you don’t know all the stats about the Derby contenders, and you may bet according to the Jockey’s silks. It’s okay, we’ve all done it. If you’re like us, there’s one  thing you do know, and that is how a great Derby hat can really make your ... [Continue Reading]

KIRIE BOATNECK DRESS FRONT-Photo courtesy Rodeo Drive

Fashion Forecast For Derby 2014 by Angie Fenton

The first rule of dressing for the Kentucky Derby is there are no rules — and that's what makes the fashion free-for-all so much fun. Many fashionistas who've attended the annual event agree picking the perfect outfit has as much to do with how it makes you ... [Continue Reading]